Thursday, 12 October 2000

All Star United Concert

The Concert

UPDATED MAY 25, 5000
On Satuday I went to the ASU concert in Winnipeg. It was at the U of W for this big youth thing called Youth Conference. I couldn't go for the whole weekend, but they sold tickets for just the concert. I went with one of my cousins. Absolutely everyone else was busy. I guess ASU isn't as a big a priority to everyone else as it is to me. It was an awesome concert, but some stuff was disappointing, like not getting to stay for the whole thing. My parents had given us a ride in, cuz we live an hour or so from Winnipeg, and they went to do other stuff while we were there, but they said they'd pick us up at eleven and I thought that would be fine, cuz I was sure it would be over by then, and if I wanted to buy stuff or get anything autographed, I could get them to let us stay a little longer if I had to. But then just before the concert started some idiot pulled the fire alarm so we all had to file out of the building and get away from it while the fire dept. came to turn it off. They knew someone had pulled it cuz that had happened there earlier that day. It wouldn't have been bad, except that then the concert started more than half an hour late, and we didn't get to stay until the end after all.
I couldn't mosh either and that was the worst part. Both me and my cousin had been in an accident two weeks before the concert, and we were both sore and not feeling good, and we have back problems. We met all these people there, and they were like "Are you guys into moshing?". We both are, soooooo much, but we couldn't. However, I did get pics. Not good pictures, but still...And I bought stickers for my guitar!! That's a good thing! Must look on the positive side. Well, since I didn't really get to see much of the concert, I'll leave you with that. It was a very good concert, cuz, I mean--it's ALL STAR UNITED!!!!! It had to be good. It just wasn't as good as the one at Youth Quake, cuz of all the other things.
Oh yeah, and as we were leaving, we heard the fire alarm go off again.

I went to the ASU concert at Youth Quake 2000 in Caronport, Saskatchewan. Youth Quake is this really big youth retreat put on by Briarcrest Bible College.
The W's opened for them, and that was awesome too, but I only knew about two of their songs then, so they kinda all sounded the same. But then, after the much needed intermission, ALL STAR UNITED came on!! They started off with "La La Land". It was exactly as good live as I had imagined it would be! The mosh pit was completely wild. I was desperately hanging on to one of my friends the whole time to keep us from gettin seperated. It was a little harder to make it to the front of the mosh pit that way, but against all the odds we didn't lose each other. And we did make it to the front for a couple songs, although we didn't manage it for "Superstar". Now Superstar, was so awesome! They started all slow and sad and pretended to be choked up:
Wistful for disco
We get a little misty rememebering Menuedo
And all those old pros
The bay city rollers and Pinky Tuscedero
And then they had this long pause, and went into the rest of it loud and fast like they do on the CD. It was really awesome.
There were guys from Briarcrest up on stage throwing rolls of toilet paper off. It looked kinda cool until thousands of people moshed on it. And they also had supersoakers on stage, soaking all of us in the mosh pit. I would have passed out from the heat or something if they hadn't done that, because it was so sweaty in there. By the end they had given up supersoakers and they just dumped pails of water on us. After the concert everyone was soaking with either sweat, water, or both.
Another song that they did really good was "Thank you, Goodnight". Ian talked for a little bit before they started and it and I was like "please let it be 'Thank you, Good night'" because it sounded like that's what they were gonna go in to, and they did!! I was very excited!!
Well, I think this is gonna be all for now. When I go to their concert in May, I'll add more. 

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